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Press and Excerpts

Recognition and acclaim for The AI Playbook

A Next Big Idea Club Must Read  | A Tech Tribune best tech book of the week | A #1 Amazon category bestseller

“An antidote to overheated rhetoric of all-powerful AI... helpfully lays out the key steps to deploying the technology we’re now all obsessed with.” —Fast Company


“Separates AI fact from AI fantasy.” —The Forecast


“The Rosetta Stone for translating / facilitating the conversation between biz and data teams.” —Vaclav Vincalek


“A crucial guide... every successful project should go through the steps suggested by Siegel.” —Myles Suer

To see recognition and awards for Eric Siegel's other book, Predictive Analytics, click here.

TV & Radio appearances about The AI Playbook

Bloomberg Radio: Businessweek, 2/6/2024: The AI Playbook

KPCW/NPR: Cool Science Radio, 2/8/2024: February 8, 2024

DM Radio, 1/18/2024: Great Expectations? Focus on Practical AI

School for Startups Radio, 3/1/2024: Machine Learning Dr. Eric Siegel and Digital Marketing TJ Murphy

Reviews of The AI Playbook

Barbara Oakley, author of A Mind for Numbers and co-instructor of Coursera’s Learning How to Learn


Myles Suer, The Data Administration

Vijay Mehrotra, Analytics Magazine

Beth Stackpole, MIT Sloan's Ideas Made to Matter

James Taylor, Everything Decision Management


Ben Dickson, TechTalks

Jason Gilbertson, "demystifying data science" blog


Thomas LaRock, personal blog


Yong Xune Xon, PhD, The Machine Learning Times

Martin Zwilling, Forbes


Vaclav Vincalek, Recurrent Patterns

Matthew Novak, The Book Commentary


Sumi Singh, LinkedIn Top AI Voice

Isaac Oh,

Troy Hiltbrand, Pulse

Eric Sigel, Pulse

Ericka Nichols, Medium

Land of GPT

Machining Marketplace

Andy Hutchings (and 3 others), Readers' Favorite

Click here for endorsements from Scott Galloway, Charles Duhigg, Mustafa Suleyman, DJ Patil, and many more.

Excerpts from The AI Playbook

Harvard Business Review, 1/23/2024: Getting Machine Learning Projects from Idea to Execution

MIT Sloan Management Review, 2/7/2024: What Leaders Should Know About Measuring AI Project Value ​(read it in Polish)

BigThink, 2/12/2024: Effective machine learning needs leadership—not AI hype

Built In, 2/6/2024: How to Sell a Machine Learning Project

The European Business Review, 3/21/2024: Where FICO Gets Its Data for Screening Two-Thirds of All Card Transactions (formatted PDF from magazine)

InsideBIGDATA, 3/25/24: The Data Disconnect: A Key Challenge for Machine Learning Deployment

Harvard Data Science Review, 04/27/2023: To Deploy ML, You Must Manage Operational Change - Here Is How UPS Got It Right (pre-dates the book, but included therein)

Built In, 05/22/2024: Predictive AI Streamlines Operations In This Surprisingly Simple Way

Scientific American, 2/20/2019: Accuracy Fallacy: The Media's Coverage of AI Is Bogus (pre-dates the book, but included therein) – version not behind a paywall

Next Big Idea Club, 3/30/2024: Five Insights from The AI Playbook (includes audio narration; not an excerpt, but a book overview by the author)

Book forward by Morgan Vawter, Unilever: The Machine Learning Times, 04/02/2024: Three Best Practices for Unilever’s Global Analytics Initiatives

Built In, 7/12/2024: 4 Ways Machine Learning Can Perpetuate Injustice and What to Do About It

Book FAQ (what it's about and who it’s for - see also the Portuguese translation)

BizML Cheat Sheet (PDF)

Audiobook PDF (includes all figures)

Articles by the author and about The AI Playbook

For the most recent Forbes articles by Eric Siegel, click here.

Fast Company, 1/5/2024: Today’s AI won’t radically transform society, but it’s already reshaping business

Harvard Business Review, 1/23/2024: Getting Machine Learning Projects from Idea to Execution


Harvard Business Review, 06/02/2023: The AI Hype Cycle Is Distracting Companies

MIT Sloan Management Review, 2/7/2024: What Leaders Should Know About Measuring AI Project Value

MIT Sloan Management Review, 7/2/2024: The Six Most Popular Stories of 2024 — So Far

KDnuggets, 1/8/2024: Survey: Machine Learning Projects Still Routinely Fail to Deploy


Fast Company, 2/15/2024: Try this 5-point plan to successfully launch the world’s most important technology at your company

Forbes, 3/4/2024: 3 Ways Predictive AI Delivers More Value Than Generative AI

Forbes, 3/25/2024: AI Success Depends On How You Choose This One Number

BigThink, 2/12/2024: Effective machine learning needs leadership—not AI hype

Built In, 2/6/2024: How to Sell a Machine Learning Project

Forbes, 4/1/2024: 6 Steps To Capitalize On AI In Your Business

MIT Sloan's Ideas Made to Matter, 6/20/2024: The AI Playbook: 6 steps for launching predictive AI projects

SUCCESS Magazine, 6/20/2024: The Trailblazer’s Toolkit: 7 Best Tech Tool for Innovators

Outthinkers, 7/11/2024: Outthinker Networks’ 2024 Strategy & Innovation Summer Reading List 

The Machine Learning Times, 1/30/2024: A University Curriculum Supplement to Teach a Business Framework for ML Deployment

Blogging on Business, 2/21/2024: What Leaders Should Know About Measuring AI Project Value

UVA McIntire, 5/10/2024: 2024 Knowledge ∞ Continuum at UVA - Recap


LA Times, 1/2/2024: What AI will bring in 2024: 4 predictions


The Globe & Mail, 2/12/2024: To find gold in the AI hills, leaders must responsibly manage it


The Chronicle of Higher Education, 3/1/2024: AI Will Shake Up Higher Ed. Are Colleges Ready?

Next Big Idea Club, 1/31/2024: How Tech and Business Are Shaping the Future, According to 5 New Books


BusinessNews, 1/31/2024: How tech and business are shaping the future, according to 5 new books

BusinessNews, 1/31/2024: 5 Guidelines to Successfully Launching Machine Learning in Your Business


ZDNet, 2/28/2024: Data scientists: Still the sexiest job - if anyone would just listen to them

SAP Insights, 1/12/2024: A Playbook for Machine Learning Projects That Work, 3/31/2024: It’s Time to Stop Treating Predictive Analytics as Data Science Projects


DataCamp, 2/5/2024: Why ML Projects Fail, and How to Ensure Success with Eric Siegel, Founder of Machine Learning Week, Former Columbia Professor, and Bestselling Author


The CTO Club, 3/13/2024: The Overhype of Generative AI: A Q&A with Dr. Eric Siegel


LinkedIn, Data Driven HR Monthly, 3/3/2024: The best HR & People Analytics articles of February 2024


Barbara Oakley, 1/26/2024: The AI Playbook


The Forecast, 1/19/2024: Author Eric Siegel Separates AI Fact from AI Fantasy


TechTalks, 2/5/2024: How to Succeed in Applied Machine Learning

Leadership Today, 2/6/2024: Find the Magical Balance: Interview with Dr. Eric Siegel, Author of the AI Playbook


5 Books, 2/4/2024: The best books on Machine Learning

TDAN, 1/17/2024: The AI Playbook: Providing Important Reminders to Data Professionals

SQL Server Books, 3/3/2024: Data Analytics And Insights

AI Washing, Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist, January 28, 2024

Five Ways to Acquire AI as a Skill in HR, Dirk Petersen, myHRfuture, February 16, 2024

On Culture: Leading with Purpose -> Ethical Leadership and Innovation, Myste Wylde, Pulse, February 23, 2024

5 CEO Insights & 5 Upcoming Introductions, IVY, February 25, 2024


How will AI transform the role of HR?, David Green, Pulse, February 24, 2024


Which Flavour of AI Delivers More Value – Predictive or Generative?, Dan French, Consider Solutions, March 8, 2024

Architecting An AI Solution, Myles Suer, The AI Journal, April 19, 2024

What AI Means to Small Businesses, Terri Williams, Next Avenue, July 1, 2024


AI Deployment, Development and Other Issues in the Insurance Industry, Stewart Bowling, Digital Insurance, March 18, 2024


Predictive AI: A Business-Centric Approach, Alfredo Passos, Pulse, March 28, 2024

Is AI ushering in a new era of media management?, Hannah Algar, The AI Journal, May 12, 2024

Press regarding Eric Siegel's previous book, Predictive Analytics

Articles/videos by the author on analytics and social justice

Podcast appearances with the author of The AI Playbook

Listen to the author's own podcast, The Dr. Data Show with Eric Siegel












Trailblazers with Walter Isaacson, 3/22/2023:  Predictions: Seeing the Future

Motley Fool Money, 1/29/2024: Roomba Go Home

American Banker, 2/13/2024: ‘Don’t fall for the sales pitches’: Advice on deploying AI

Next Big Idea Club, 03/30/2024: Five Insights from The AI Playbook

Digital HR Leaders Podcast with David Green, 2/6/2024: How to Overcome AI Adoption Challenges in HR (Interview with Eric Siegel)

Nasdaq, 2/5/2024: What’s Next for iRobot?

New Money Review, 2/6/2024: Bringing AI back to Earth

Yahoo! Finance, 2/5/2024: What’s Next for iRobot?

DataFramed, 2/5/2024: Why ML Projects Fail, and How to Ensure Success with Eric Siegel, Founder of Machine Learning Week, Former Columbia Professor, and Bestselling Author

Office Hours with David Meltzer, 2/25/2024: Dr. Eric Siegel

Leveraging Thought Leadership, 2/8/2024: Unleashing Predictive Power | Eric Siegel

The Agile Brand with Greg Kihlstrom, 2/25/2024: Machine learning in the enterprise with Eric Siegel


Winning with Data, 1/30/2024: Eric Siegel: The Myths and Potential of Machine Learning Operations

The Stakeholder Podcast, 1/30/2024: Eric Siegel

The Keynote Curators Podcast, 02/05/2024: What's the Secret to Leveraging Big Data? with Eric Siegel

UVA Data Points, 02/06/2024: The AI Playbook | A Conversation with Eric Siegel

Maverick Actuary, 02/15/2024: Predictive Analytics - Part 2


Beyond the Arc, 02/07/2024: Eric Siegel on bizML and The AI Playbook

Kevin Lockett Podcast, 03/20/2024: Unpacking The AI Playbook With Eric Siegel

UNmiss, 1/31/2024: Navigating AI with Eric Siegel

International Business Forecasting (IBF), 2/5/2024: Decoding BizML: A Candid Talk with Eric Siegel

The TKC Podcast, 2/5/2024: What’s the Secret to Leveraging Big Data? With Eric


Digital Transformation Podcast, 2/5/2024: The Art of Machine Learning Deployment

The Marketing Book Podcast, 2/9/2024: The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment by Eric Siegel

Bridging the Gaps, 2/11/2024: “The AI Playbook: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment” with Eric Siegel

AI and the Future of Work, 2/12/2024: Dr. Eric Siegel, Founder of Machine Learning Week, on 6 steps to usher in successful ML projects

AI-Curious, 2/9/2024: The (hype-free) AI Playbook for Machine Learning, with Eric Siegel

Agile Digital Transformation, 2/15/2024: Eric Siegel - Are we headed towards an AI winter?


The Machine Learning Podcast, 2/18/2024: Improve the Success Rate of Your Machine Learning Projects with bizML

Machine Learning in the Sciences, 1/20/2024: Predictive Analytics, Business, and Government with Eric Siegel

Forecasting Impact Podcast (Institute on Forecasting), 1/23/2024: Mastering the Rare Art of Machine Learning Deployment with Eric Siegel

Data Science Leaders Podcast, 1/31/2024: Mastering the Rare Art of ML Deployment

Digital Communicators (The Babel podcast), 11/23/2023: Eric Siegel, Machine Learning Expert, Speaks With Babel Director Simon Coughlin

DataChats, Pragmatic Institute, 11/17/2023: Bridging the Gap Between Data Science and Business

Mining Your Own Business, 11/1/2023: Deploying Machine Learning for Real Results with Eric Siegel

The Unified Leadership Institute, 10/20/2023: The AI Revolution

What's Up with Tech?, 04/01/2024: AI Across Disciplines: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Machine Learning

DisrupTV, 04/05/2024: Paul Daugherty and Eric Siegel

Information Security Forum Podcast, 04/08/2024: The AI Playbook: Leveraging machine learning to grow your business

WiseTalk podcast, 3/26/2024, The Business-Side Execution of AI

Sarder TV, 4/19/2024, Eric Siegel (Bestselling Author & Founder of Machine Learning Week)

Money Isn't Everything, 5/30/2024, Antidotes to AI Hype

Funnel Reboot, 06/7/2024, The AI Playbook, with Eric Siegel

Our Best Behavior, 4/25/2024, Bridging the Gap: The AI Playbook with Eric Siegel

BRITE Ideas (Columbia Business School), 6/13/24, Don't lose the AI predictive forest for the genAI trees with Eric Siegel

unSILOed Podcast, 7/8/24, Aligning Data Science and Machine Learning for Business Success

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